Soda & Acid

When you grow up with a father who is a nuclear chemist, certain things stick with you and get you excited in life.  Such as fire, explosions, and wait for it… chemical reactions!

Dating back to 1866, the first Soda-Acid fire extinguisher was patented using a chemical reaction to reduce the air supply and extinguish fires.  By breaking a small glass vial of Tartaric Acid into a cylinder of Sodium Bicarbonate, it produces Carbon Dioxide gas under pressure.  This forces itself through the hose of the fire extinguisher and covers everything in sight.

Although this technology from the 1800’s seems dated now, it is time to go back to the basics with Soda & Acid.  We will be covering the art of traditional hand painted signs, the science of vintage design, and the patina of irreplaceable antiques.

Soda & Acid online store coming 2021.