Chris Shepherd

Principal / Creative Director

I Think Different, Because I Am Different.

I think outside the box, but I work inside an office. I am incapable of starting a project without finishing it, but I won't finish the crust on my bacon and tomato sandwiches. Being driven is not something I write on my resume; it is a quality that I define each and every day.

Currently, I lead the digital communications at the Ontario Trillium Foundation, as the Digital Communications Strategist. I have the privilege of wearing several hats and enhancing my skills to meet the needs of applicants, grantees, volunteers and staff. From providing inclusive user experiences, to designing effective communications materials, or even crunching numbers and balancing budgets, I completely redefined any job title I grow into because I am too intrigued to say no. All this passion leads me to having a wide array of hobbies and an eclectic collection of antiques.

• Setting challenging goals and surpassing them
• Building relationships with internal/external groups to ingrain them into a corporate culture
• Leadership
• Consistently delivering “clean, corporate and creative” design
• Turning rough copy into a great read
• Presenting confidently in high stress environments
• Social media, branding & identity
• Corporate & creative marketing communications
• Having a voice and being noticed in a loud room
• Staying calm under large amounts of pressure

… and being someone that gets the job done when you need to hit a deadline!

Ted Bartlett

CEO - College Student Alliance

The College Student Alliance has benefited from the creative talents of Chris Shepherd in our web design, promotional and branding efforts. Whether you are looking for design, writing or branding strategies, Chris is the consummate professional who always seems to anticipate our needs both immediate and long term. He challenges our thinking in a way that brings us to a better understanding of our creative direction. I would not hesitate in recommending Chris to anyone looking to become highly effective in their branding, creative and communications.
Jabari Cooper

Operations Manager - Roller Imports

I have had the pleasure of working with Chris Shepherd to develop and promote our brand identity. His creative vision and unique ability to capture your imagination and make it tangible is transcendent. Chris has a flair for making the ordinary-extraordinary and the unremarkable-brilliant. He breathes life into his work and is extremely passionate about his craft. I look forward to working with Chris again in the future.
Dr. Andrea Dinardo

Positive Psychology Talks

I first met Chris in 2009 through his involvement in leadership events with the Canadore Students Representative Council; then as a Creative Director with the College Student Alliance (CSA). Since our first meeting, Chris continues to surprise me with his unique and open-minded approach to creative visual design (as a psychologist, I measure creativity on a regular basis). What sets Chris even more apart from the norm is the high level of excitement and passion he brings to marketing and communications. His enthusiasm for his work is contagious!
Gerry Kennedy, CAIB, FCIP, CRM, B.HR/LR, CHRP

Executive Vice President - Totten Insurance Group

Chris Shepherd has taken Totten Insurance Group to a high level of communicating Totten's brand value proposition to a high professional level. His work has blended into the new Totten overall integrated marketing communication program, with compelling ideas combined with an execution style that captures our target markets attention and interest. His decisions on deciding the Reach, Frequency and Impact of his chosen advertising media have been very successful, and the net return on these advertising investments are positive. His work has created positive public relations, and has built up a high positive corporate image for Totten Insurance Group.